ISDN To-Go bridging faq

Q: Do I need any special equipment to use ISDN To-Go's bridging service?

A: No! There is no special equipment required to bridge with ISDN To-go.

Q: What if I don't have Source-Connect Now, can I still bridge?

A: Yes! No Problem! You will receive session links inside your booking confirmation email. These emails are automatically sent when you book. You'll have your session link within minutes!

Q: Will ISDN To-Go dial out for me, or initiate the bridge?

A: No. We do not dial out or initiate the bridge. Your client must dial in.

Q: Can I upgrade my ISDN bridging membership?

A: Absolutely! You may upgrade your membership at any time by calling us at (720) 328-2055.

Q: What if I need to cancel my ISDN bridging membership?

A: We're sad to see you go, but are happy to help you with cancellation. Simply call us at (720) 328-2055, or email us, to request cancillation. Your membership will be cancelled at the end of the current billing cycle.

Q: Can I use Wifi or 4G to bridge to ISDN?

A: While we have successfully bridged to ISDN using both Wifi and 4G many times before, we always recommend a hardwire ethernet connection with at least 12mbps upload speed for best results. Please call us if you have questions about connectivity.

Q: Do I get my own ISDN numbers(SPID's)?

A: No. You must use the SPID's provided in your confirmation email.

Q: Does ISDN To-Go offer agency or group bridging membership rates?

A: Yes! We work with many agencies to provide reduced rates to their roster of talent and clients. To inquire about agency or group rates, please contact us at (720) 328-2055 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q: Can I bridge multiple sessions on different ISDN lines simultaneously, if I only have one account?

A: Each ISDN To-Go account may use one system at a time. If you are a studio or agency that will require 2+ systems simultaneously, please inquire about our agency packages by calling (720) 328-2055.

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ISDN Bridge with no contract!

How does it work?
It's easy! ISDN To-Go bridges Source-Connect Now to our ISDN bridge system. You can now have ISDN access from any internet equipped studio or recording space. Our fully automated online booking system makes it easy to quickly see line availability, book your session, and have the SPID's (numbers) to give your client to dial in. Then, you will receive an automated email confirmation that contains your SPID's, as well as booking details and your session link. Simply click the session link for your line, and connect! It's that easy! You will then be bridged seamless into our ISDN system, and the session will progress as usual. Your client doesn't even have to know it's a bridge!
What time zone should I book my session in?
All of our sessions are booked in Mountain Standard Time. If you have booked in the wrong time zone by accident, please contact us via phone or email to update your booking immediately.
Do you have an agency or group rate?
Yes! At ISDN To-Go we offer discounts to groups, or agencies, of 10 or more members. The savings can be substancial! Contact us via phone or email to discuss your groups needs.
Is there an additional charge to use ipDTL or Source-Connect?
Yes. There is a $10 service fee per session to use ipDTL or other connection methods.
What about dropouts or delays?
At ISDN To-Go, we provide the most reliable, stable connection possible to our customers. Each ISDN Bridge system operates on its own, independent internet network. This ensures there is no splitting speed between systems. Each ISDN bridge has a dedicated internet network, devoting 100% of it's speed to ensure your session is reliable and free from dropouts.
What if I need a last minute or after hour session?
No problem! All of our systems are fully automated. Simply book, and connect! It's that easy and fast!

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  • “Flawless. ISDN ToGo, and specifically Wolf provide an unparalleled personal service and support during all sessions and taking care of all the technical issues, letting VO talent concentrate on what's really important for them: Their performance. Thanks guys! Mario.”

    Mario G.
  • “Great experience. Repeat and life long customer here...”

    Kabir S.
  • “This is what I've been waiting for to be able to take my professional studio to the next level. And it's *better* than having an ISDN box in my own studio because you guys monitor everything as the session happens. I wouldn't have the faintest clue how to get the hardware working again if anything went wrong. I'm confident in a session knowing that you guys are on the ball - and my clients can be confident in that too. This was a super smooth session and everyone was happy with the results. Thank you so much!”

    Jodi K.
  • “Its like having an ISDN studio with an operator in your home. The most cost effective and simply solution I have found.”

    Ross H.